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NSK Surgic Pro Plus

developer 24 Jun 2024 26 Views

The NSK Surgic Pro Plus is a dental implant system developed by NSK, a Japanese company known for producing high-quality dental and medical equipment. This system is designed to assist dentists and oral surgeons in performing dental implant procedures with precision and efficiency.

Key features of the NSK Surgic Pro Plus may include:

  1. Compact and Ergonomic Design: The system is often designed to be compact and easy to handle, making it comfortable for both the operator and the patient.
  2. Optimized Motor Technology: The Surgic Pro Plus typically features a powerful and precise electric motor, which is crucial for performing dental implant surgeries accurately.
  3. Intuitive Interface: The user interface of the system is typically user-friendly, allowing the dental professional to easily control and adjust the settings during the procedure.
  4. Programmable Functions: The system may offer programmable functions to customize settings such as speed, torque, and irrigation flow, allowing for precise control during implant placement.
  5. Irrigation System: Proper irrigation is essential during implant surgery to maintain a sterile environment and keep the surgical area clear. NSK Surgic Pro Plus usually includes an integrated irrigation system.
  6. Foot Control: A foot control pedal is often included for hands-free operation, allowing the dentist or surgeon to focus on the procedure without needing to touch the control unit.
  7. Wide Range of Attachments: NSK typically offers a variety of handpieces and attachments that can be used with the Surgic Pro Plus system, allowing it to be versatile and adaptable to different procedures.
  8. Sterilization and Maintenance: The components of the system are designed to be easily sterilized and maintained, ensuring patient safety and long-term durability.
  9. Compatibility: NSK Surgic Pro Plus is typically designed to be compatible with a range of implant systems and components, giving dental professionals flexibility in their practice.



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